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    Remove Negative Energy


    Have you ever dreamt of a happy life with wealth and prosperity? You certainly do. But at times a negative energy surrounding your life circle can curb you from attaining the greatness and happiness that you desire in life. Removing this negative energy can bring back happiness to your life.

    Not only physical health but state of mind can also be judged by carefully analyzing the chart. Mental health problem may include depression, unnecessary tension, epilepsy, weak mind, lack of concentration, obsessive compulsion disorders and many other disorders related to mind. Effect of malefic planets on Ascendant and Moon may create such problems. Here you may go through the astrological articles which throw light on such issues.

    Other Pujas

    Hanuman Puja is to remove fear from all the minds and souls of a family.Tuesday is Hanuman's day and hymning Hanuman prayers is very effective in eliminating fear from your lives strict rituals.

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